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This is a confirmed listing. However events do occcasionally change venue, time, or date at short notice. It is always worthwhile checking any webslites linked to the event to get the latest information available. If you do find that our information is wrong then please do leave feedback as it will alert us to correct the listing and warn other users of a potentially wasted journy.

Event name: ROMA Transsexual Party                                       
Event Date: 29/03/19 (DD/MM/YY)
Start Time: 22:00                                                        
End Time: 04:00                                                        
ROMA party is dedicated to Transsexuals/Transvestites/X-dressers/Couples and Admirers.

My name is Alekssandra I am living and enjoying London over 10 years & when comes to FUN believe me I do know how to make the night worth it. I do have so many friends who always spend time and effort to look their best and Dress to Impress thats the dress code of ROMA party, ROMA is a new Party In London where you are free to express yourself doesn't matter your sexual preference, at ROMA you always gonna find a way to be the who you really are, I am proud to introduce you ROMA PARTY and you are just 1 click away for the best time of your life.


The place is very well know on SE5 POST CODE also have been on the alternative scene for many years with easy ACCESS for parking night time, discreet location and with amazing facilities for a great night .
The place is full of surprises with 2 floors ...
The ground floor is the Bar if you are in a mood for talking and relaxing,
The basement (CELLAR) is a nice big Room ready for some action and face the music and also provide an
secluded smoking area.
Luxury Bar offering fabulous drinks with Pub Prices.


Let your imagination fly while you are getting ready to showing off yourself to a naughty Eyes and hands. Each look has it own personality and we all need Time to get ready to be appreciated and perfectly admired by others. The Changing Room is a new PRIORATE to the new concept of ROMA party, we all need a safe place to get ready and look our best because anything can and will happen that Night. For that reason nothing gonna stop us to look fabulous from head to toe.


The Cloakroom would be open from start to finish the Night.
You can leave your suitcases, bags, umbrella, coats, hats etc...
At our Cloakroom we gonna be happy to look after whatever you need to leave with us, just to make a double sure your stuffs gonna be safe and you will have just to focus on your satisfaction and Pleasure.


IT is said that the quality of the night is construed as an important factor to see the internationalization, is very important a good costumer service been so good and creating intimacy with Clients and Staffs.
The BAR has it own personality and makes a huge difference over the night.
Luxury style Bar offering Drinks at Pub Prices.


The CELLAR is the place with a second dance floor where you can listen some of the latest remix from a famous DJ from Brazil. We also have 2 large rooms dividing by misterious Dancing curtains to give you the best adventure.
Cost of Entry: Guys £40 on the door.                                       
The Flying Dutchman
156 Wells Way, SE5 7SY 
Map: A map.......