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This is a confirmed listing. However events do occcasionally change venue, time, or date at short notice. It is always worthwhile checking any webslites linked to the event to get the latest information available. If you do find that our information is wrong then please do leave feedback as it will alert us to correct the listing and warn other users of a potentially wasted journy.

Event name: The Lamb - that holloway road munch!                         
Event Date: 26/03/19 (DD/MM/YY)
Start Time: 19:00                                                        
End Time: 23:59                                                        
If this is your first time coming along to this social or first time coming to anything, I'll give you a little heads-up on what to expect. And if you don't like reading lots of writing, skip to the end for the bullet summary.

The Lamb is a non-play event. It's a gathering of fetish-friendly folk that come from all walks of life, all levels of experience both kinky and life related, and we sit down (or stand up and hover*) and chat like people about whatever the hell we feel like. The dress code is 'vanilla' in fitting with the location, but the management know why we're there and are very positive so noone is going to look at you oddly if you want to wear fetish-y items such as your corsets or collars, but just use your own judgement as we do share the space with uninitiated locals.

I am proud to say that we get a lot of new faces, a lot of people who're coming to their first ever event too which is well suited to the atmosphere that we've cultivated over these past two and some bit years**

I can vouch for 98 percent of the people who go to the meet and we try hard to make new people feel welcome, as the more of us there is, the more fun there is to be had. However, it's highly recommended to be extrovert and introduce yourself, get involved in conversations, and embrace the spirit of the event as its not always possible for me to divide like bacteria and greet everyone right away.***

You came to meet people and be social right? Right. So go be social! Nobody is allowed to bite****!

The Lamb is on holloway road - it's a dark coloured pub across from a church and next to a latex boutique with a japanese name, on the right hand side of holloway road if you're coming from highbury and islington station. Not to confuse you, but on leaving highbury and islington station you'll want to turn left or you'll disappear off into the realms of deepest darkest islington and probably get lost. This happens and so I try to simplify my directions as much as I can.

Okay, so for the summary -

- Social event for chatting and meeting people
- Vanilla dress sense mostly, use your best judgement
- Everyone is friendly - get stuck in and be a social spider
- Buy a few drinks - alcohol makes everyone more interesting & makes our venue like us even more!
- Turn left out of highbury and Islington station, look on the right hand side for the dark coloured pub
- If you're for some reason scared of dogs be mindful that the pub is dog friendly and people do bring their dogs to the Lamb sometimes including my dachshund JackCousteau (yes he has his own profile)

*There is no actual levitation but this would probably mean we can fit more people in so if you can do this, by all means.
**Actual start date is hazy but two years is about right!
*** If I'm in a conversation with you and I keep looking up, distracted, I excuse myself suddenly. It's not because I have a mental disorder, I'm just keeping an eye out for new people and I'm not very good at social multi-tasking.
****Do not inappropriately touch anyone else without their express consent. Don't do it or you will regret it. This includes biting, slapping, groping, stroking, hair pulling and anything else you wouldn't do to a complete stranger in a normal scenario. 
Dress Code:
Whatever makes you feel good - see above. 
Cost of Entry: Free                                                         
The Lamb pub,
54 Holloway Rd, London N7 8JL 
Map: A map.......