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Provisional listing

This is a provisional listing. The event is being listed because it normally runs on a set day each month. We do not, however, have confirmation from the organiser that it is still happening on this date. If you are planning to go you should visit the website to see if there is more up to date information about the event.

Event name: Blackheath Munch                                             
Event Date: 26/03/19 (DD/MM/YY)
Start Time: 18:45                                                        
End Time: 23:00                                                        
The new and exciting Blackheath Munch!

Come and enjoy an evening with your kinky friends, new and old, in Blackheath. Everyone welcome, from first time timers to seasoned veterans. We have an area booked so privacy is not an issue.

The food is decent and there is a good selection of ales, beers, wines and spirits. Local bus services from Greenwich, O2 and Lewisham. If you need any help or would like a pre-meet please message the organiser. 
Dress Code:
Cost of Entry: Free                                                         
The Royal Standard
44 Vanbrugh Park, London SE3 7JQ 
Map: A map.......