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Provisional listing

This is a provisional listing. The event is being listed because it normally runs on a set day each month. We do not, however, have confirmation from the organiser that it is still happening on this date. If you are planning to go you should visit the website to see if there is more up to date information about the event.

Event name: London Metal Munch                                           
Event Date: 29/03/19 (DD/MM/YY)
Start Time: 19:00                                                        
End Time: 02:00                                                        
The London Metal Munch is an event open to all ages and classifications with the primary mission of promoting the metal scene (its venues, its bands, its people), and bringing together metallers and alternative folk of the fetish scene.

If you love metal music, or if you're alternative and love the idea of the event and the company it will attract, you are the people we want regardless. We don't do cliques or dress code or snub you for your music tastes. So come all and bring your friends!

We welcome all regardless of species, gender, race or age. If you're sporting a barbed tentacle from the near miss on Jargolon-5 and you like a bit of WASP with your morning commute you're probably as close to what our demographic could possibly be. But whatever your genre this is a munch for the metal and rock folk so come and indulge and help us grow this community so we can fight back against the loss of our venues, make some friends, and rock out to some great tunes.

We venue hop so if the venue is not show below visit our FetLife page and find where we are meeting this month.
Dress Code:
Whatever you feel like but think vanilla as its a regular pub 
Cost of Entry: Free                                                         
Check FetLife for details 
Map: A map.......