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Provisional listing

This is a provisional listing. The event is being listed because it normally runs on a set day each month. We do not, however, have confirmation from the organiser that it is still happening on this date. If you are planning to go you should visit the website to see if there is more up to date information about the event.

Event name: Pedestal                                                     
Event Date: 28/03/19 (DD/MM/YY)
Start Time: 21:00                                                        
End Time: 05:00                                                        
A playground for the dominant woman, and those who worship her.

* Pedestal nights primarily provide for the entertainment and enjoyment of women, although no doubt our male guests will be glad they came! The layout of the club is large, spread across multiple rooms, with varying themes.

* House slaves will be present to serve our female guests, they'll cater for everything from fetching your drinks, to polishing your boots (shoe shine equipment provided)! House slaves are easily identified by their red collars. Read more about the house slaves or apply to become one on the House Slaves page.

* Dungeon equipment (Infernal Mechanix) is concentrated in a dedicated spacious room, although play is encouraged throughout the venue. We have a huge play space, consisting of at least 15 pieces of kit and numerous delicious contraptions for your enjoyment.

* Luxury Canapés are served free of charge to our guests by our team of house slaves.

* Pedestal provides a `Maitre D' service. Submissives have the option of going on the 'menu', the services they offer going in the black book, and visiting women can make selections from this if they desire. Our Maitre Ds are easily identified, they wear Dinner Jackets with a red collar, please ask them on the night if you want to join in.

* There are guided tours of the club for those who want an introduction. Its a walk through of the various rooms, introductions to people who are there to help you, and an oppertunity to meet other people new to the club.  
Dress Code:
Women wear what they please, fetish dress for men. 
Cost of Entry: Singles £25/£20 in adv.                                    
South Lambeth Road, London
SW8 1RT. 
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