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Provisional listing

This is a provisional listing. The event is being listed because it normally runs on a set day each month. We do not, however, have confirmation from the organiser that it is still happening on this date. If you are planning to go you should visit the website to see if there is more up to date information about the event.

Event name: Wimbledon Munch                                              
Event Date: 26/03/19 (DD/MM/YY)
Start Time: 19:00                                                        
End Time: 23:00                                                        
Wimbledon Munch is, like all munches, great for people who are completely new to the scene - an ideal place to start to meet people and make friends. Come and say hi!

If you are a scene veteran, or somewhere in between, and have already met loads of people at munches, then you already know the score... Come and say hi and meet more people! : )

Good company and good conversation over a coffee or a beer.

We have a table booked in the upstairs room of the bar. Go in the front doors, turn immediately right and there's a door leading to the stairs. Go up the stairs and we are immediately on the left.

Smash bar has a ping pong theme to it. As a result there will be a ping pong table in the room, however, playing ping pong is not compulsory! Bats and balls provided by the venue. It'll be free for the January munch, although we'll probably introduce a small charge at subsequent events to cover the cost.

It's worth noting that apart from some sides and desserts, Smash only serves Pizza. If you hate Pizza and are hungry then suggest that you eat beforehand!

So you can spot us, our mascot Dave the Dinosaur will be on the table, and our poster of a ginger kitten will be on the wall behind us.
Dress Code:
Cost of Entry: Free                                                         
Smash Bar, Wimbledon
82 The Broadway, London SW19 1RH 
Map: A map.......