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This is a confirmed listing. However events do occcasionally change venue, time, or date at short notice. It is always worthwhile checking any webslites linked to the event to get the latest information available. If you do find that our information is wrong then please do leave feedback as it will alert us to correct the listing and warn other users of a potentially wasted journy.

Event name: DVS Newbies & Veterans Munch (WC1X)                          
Event Date: 27/03/19 (DD/MM/YY)
Start Time: From 6pm                                                     
End Time: 11pm                                                         
Event Theme:
We were all new once! Welcoming, inclusive, supportive, friendly get-togethers....
The Newbies & Veterans Munch is run by the crew at Club DVS, and is open to everyone! We particularly welcome Newbies looking for a friendly, fun, inclusive and accepting fetish-friendly vanilla-ish non-play event to attend, as well as inviting seasoned players to join and share their knowledge and experience with those who are more than willing and keen to learn.

It's a great opportunity to meet up mid-week for a drink and some food, and get to know fellow kinksters in a relaxed environment. It's also a brilliant networking opportunity in the lead up to Club DVS and LAM (London Alternative Market) which are usually held at the coming weekend - meet and make friends with prospective event attendees so that you already know some people at the events you're attending! What a great idea :)

This munch is non-cliquey, non-judgemental, and super-inclusive! Newbies can attend alone, as there are plenty of friendly faces to welcome you... Some of the super friendly Club DVS House Crew are on hand to ensure nobody is left sitting alone and feeling awkward for long - They will likely be wearing armbands so that you can recognise them. The Apple Tree is an LGBTIQ+ and sex positive venue that is open to the public, we share the venue with the regulars and locals who frequent the pub. Everyone is super friendly and very supportive,

So all you have to do is turn up! What are you waiting for...? 
Dress Code:
Wear whatever you like - Casual, smart casual, work attire, etc. It's a vanilla venue though so please be respectful. No nudity whatsoever... 
Cost of Entry: Free - Just pay for your own food & drinks                   
The Apple Tree
45 Mount Pleasant
London WC1X 0AE 
Map: A map.......